Your help will reinvent careers like Heather’s.

Dear Friend,

Four years ago, a medication damaged both of my retinas. Forced to give up my oncology nursing career of more than 20 years, I felt lost. Because of generous people like you, I found support and hope through Outlook Enrichment.

Your gift allows Outlook Enrichment to help people like me when their vision suddenly fails them. My vision became faulty. Scattered blind spots make it hard for me to focus on everything. Outlook staff listened to my situation and provided me with resources, something I desperately needed.

I still think about the patients I watched move forward despite their cancer diagnosis. I use that strength to create a new path for myself. Your support of Outlook Enrichment's tech training programs for the blind armed me with tools to use if my vision worsens.

I still have hard days but always have a listening ear with someone at Outlook Enrichment. I wrote my first blog for their website last winter, launching my new career as a professional copywriter. I am in a better place because of Outlook.

We know you care about helping someone who is — or will become — visually impaired. Your gift of any amount today will give someone with vision challenges access to solutions through our programs. Please donate to sustain our programs.