I want them to see me for me.

Dear friend,

Hello! I am Emily. I am an athlete, a recent high school graduate (yay me!), a future sports broadcaster, and I happen to have a vision impairment and cerebral palsy.

When you give to Outlook, you give us the experience of a lifetime. I had the opportunity to try things like rock wall climbing, paddle boarding, roller skating, ziplining, and more with Outlook Enrichment’s teen recreation program. Things I never thought I would have ever done before I met the people at Outlook. At Outlook’s activities, I met other teens – and my best friend - who understand what I go through because of their own visual impairments. 

My vision fluctuates which made math and science projects difficult. I relied on teachers and friends for help. Now, thanks to your support and Outlook’s computer training, I do my homework independently and I am ready for college. 

I love sports. When I participate as an athlete, people see me for me and not as someone with a vision impairment. I want to be a sports broadcaster and interview other athletes. Because of generous people like you and programs at Outlook that challenged me, I am confident that I can achieve my dreams and hopes for my future.

I am blind and cannot change that. But I no longer doubt my abilities because of your support of Outlook’s programs. Outlook made me a better person and taught me many new things. I now believe that I can accomplish anything because Outlook has given me the opportunity and skills that I will need to be successful in my future. 

Honor Emily’s recent graduation and request. Support Outlook Enrichment today and give young people like her “the experience of a lifetime”.

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