Meet Josh Scarborough


After 11 years in the U.S. Army with deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan and Korea, Josh Scarborough returned to the U.S. in July 2009. He was angry. In addition to his failing eye sight, combat injuries took their toll.

Doctors discovered swelling behind his left eye. Trauma to his brain from his injuries likely caused the deteriorated sight in his right eye and poor night vision. It also took pieces of his memories. It took his ability to drive, his ability to ride his motorcycle. It took his independence.

After his service ended, Josh moved to Omaha where his sister was stationed. He started walking the city, getting to know his new home and staying active. But he had difficulty finding work, finding himself among the one of the many unemployed blind Americans. After a visit to Goodwill, during one of these walks, he discovered Outlook Nebraska, an organization with a mission to provide employment and enrichment opportunities for those living with vision loss.

Outlook Nebraska helped Josh start his post-military career. He now works five days a week in Outlook’s production facility, helping out throughout the production facility wherever he is needed. He maintains a fast pace at work, keeping fit doing push ups in his living room. He no longer worries about his vision dictating his employment or his life.

Josh was Outlook Nebraska’s National Industries for the Blind Peter J. Salmon Award nominee in 2018.