Meet Brian Grams


Brian Grams grew up in a small town. He was on the football team. He rode horses and even began his own horse training business after high school. Life was good.

Brian was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa at a young age. It did not affect him much until high school, when he had to give up playing football because he could no longer see at night. After three years of driving, he had to give up his keys.

Brian found a job at a golf course and later moved into a production position at a local factory. He never advanced in his previous jobs. He was passed over for promotions and felt like a liability, like others thought they could do the work better.

After completing some independent living training, Brian began his Outlook Nebraska career as a finisher in 2015. He quickly advanced to a machine operator. Brian feels comfortable at Outlook Nebraska and that his skills are valued and appreciated. He is not judged on how much he can see.

Brian is dedicated to the continual development of his talent and is known as a team player by his fellow associates. According to his peers, he has a strong work ethic and works well with multiple departments. He is always willing to help others and goes the extra mile for the organization.

Brian previously served as the Outlook Nebraska Quality Workplace Environment Committee chairperson. He was Outlook Nebraska’s National Industries for the Blind Peter J. Salmon Award nominee in 2018.

Brian has also played competitive goalball and started a small trucking operation.