Meet Aaron Peterson


Aaron Peterson, whose legal blindness was caused by retinitis pigmentosa, joined Outlook in 2016 after spending time trying to find employment. He worked in Outlook's production facility as a finisher.

Like so many Outlook associates, Aaron reinforces the concept that hard work and determination pays off. Management noticed Aaron’s desire to develop his skills, and the human resources director made sure he knew about professional development opportunities. Aaron was one of eight participants accepted into the National Industries for the Blind’s Professional Mastery of Office Technology pilot program in New York. The program strengthened Aaron’s computer skills, setting him up for growth at Outlook. This training helped Aaron receive a promotion into Outlook’s sales department within his first year of employment.

As Outlook’s customer experience associate, Aaron uses his problem solving abilities, his computer skills and product knowledge to create a positive experience for customers. Aaron reviews orders, discusses pricing with customers, and works hard to solve other customer needs.

In addition to his recent accomplishments within Outlook, Aaron acquired yet another title: homeowner. Aaron wanted to purchase a home for many years, and his Outlook career made this possible.

In his spare time, Aaron enjoys playing video games and spending time with his family.