Meet Alex Curtis


Alex Curtis was born with cataracts, and his vision loss progressed as an adult. He overcame many challenges to get to where he is now, and Outlook Nebraska has been part of this journey for over 10 years.

After the 2008 housing crash forced his family to give up their rental properties, Alex realized he needed some additional skills. He received some independent living and orientation and mobility training and was put in touch with Outlook Nebraska.

Alex filled a temporary Outlook position before moving into full-time employment. He is now a finisher 3 in the production facility. The people and programs at Outlook helped Alex establish a career for himself and become financially independent. Alex no longer receives social security benefits.

Alex's ability to lead by example and his dedication to his work gave him the Outlook 2021 National Industries for the Blind Peter J. Salmon Award nomination, which recognizes blind and visually impaired workers from across the nation who excel in their positions at NIB-associated agencies.

The technology training Alex received at Outlook allowed him to grow professionally. In 2017, Alex became a business owner by joining the Nebraska Business Enterprise Program. His company, YV Vending, consists of over 20 vending machines across multiple Omaha, Neb. buildings.