Adult Recreation

Man playing goalball.

Adults, it’s time to get out there.

We want blind and visually impaired adults to continue doing what they love. Basketball, biking, goalball, golfing and more! Who says they can’t or shouldn’t do any of those activities? Not us, because we know that sometimes, only a simple adaptation of equipment or instruction is required for participation.

Physical activity is important for everyone.  It’s our goal to not just keep visually impaired adults fit, but also help strengthen their self-confidence, social group, life skills and sense of belonging.

Outlook Nebraska is lucky to collaborate with UNO Kinesiology students to provide one-on-one support for teens during activities.

All participants need to complete Image and Audio Consent and Medical & Liability Release Forms. It is possible that news media or other media outlets not affiliated with Outlook Nebraska may be present at an event.

Adaptive Martial Arts | Saturday, Sept. 12 | 1 - 3 p.m. | American Academy of Martial Arts | Bellevue | $10 non-refundable reservation fee | Register below by Sept. 1
“Put Karate into your everyday living, that is how you will SEE true beauty.” - Gichin Funakoshi   Join us and bring out your inner ninja with a class adapted for the visually impaired by a professional martial arts instructor.

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