You’re the key to Ellen’s Story of hope…

Dear Friend,

Imagine going from an eye doctor visit to scheduling emergency eye surgery in a single day. I was scared. I felt alone. My independence, my job and my way of life seemed to hang in the balance. Because of generous people like you, I found the support I needed through Outlook Enrichment.

Last year, during a normal day at the office a shadow developed in the corner of my eye. Within hours, a black curtain had descended over my entire eye. Hearing my description of what I was experiencing, my eye doctor made room in his schedule. He found a retinal detachment and did emergency surgery four days later.

I thought a surgery and corrective lenses would fix everything. My story does not end that way. I will be visually impaired for life.

Your gift allows Outlook Enrichment to help people like me when their vision suddenly fails them. Our visit to Outlook gave me hope and comfort. At the time, my manager gained some insight into my situation, and I could articulate what tools I needed to maintain my productivity. I realized I was not broken because I asked for help.

Your support of Outlook Enrichment helps them assist the visually impaired in many ways. I learned about Outlook’s tech training programs for the blind. I received emotional support and know the team will always be there for me. I am strong and still independent with my vision loss.

We know you care about helping someone who is — or will become — visually impaired. Your gift of any amount today will give someone with vision challenges access to solutions through our programs. Please donate to sustain our programs.