Sales Analyst

Location: Omaha NE 
Division/Department: Sales
EEO Classification: First/Mid Offs & Mgrs.
Position Status: Full Time 
Salary Grade: $60,000 - $75,000
FLSA Classification
: Exempt- exempt from overtime


The Sales Analyst is responsible for supporting revenue growth by providing market insights to the sales team, assisting with product development and setup, and serving as the primary liaison with our government partners to ensure compliance with AbilityOne purchasing mandates. This role will also assist the sales team in maintaining data integrity in our CRM, Enterprise Resource System, and ensuring opportunities are current and comprehensive. The Sales Analyst plays a crucial role in helping Outlook achieve sales goals and product and service diversification objectives.


Sales Support

  • Collaborate with internal teams to maintain data consistency across various platforms
  • Facilitate new product set-up with AbilityOne partners and Government sponsoring agencies
  • Facilitate new customer and vendor onboarding and reporting
  • Collaborate with AbilityOne partners to understand and uphold AbilityOne purchasing mandates and replace commercial items with our AbilityOne products in procuremen
  • Develop comprehensive knowledge of Government Procurement activities, AbilityOne, and Outlook’s sales channels to help guide sales and marketing efforts

Market Research

  • Analyze government procurement data to identify potential sales opportunities
  • Monitor market trends, procurement regulations, and industry insights relevant to the AbilityOne Program and janitorial products sector
  • Develop and implement a meticulous process to research and evaluate the Federal Government marketplace for growth and product development opportunities
  • Synthesize market data and report insights and recommendations to Outlook’s Senior Leadership


  • Perform routine analysis of sales and pipeline performance and report relevant findings to sales and leadership staff
  • Maintain and submit monthly reporting requirements to National Industries for the Blind and the AbilityOne Commission


  • Highly Analytical
  • Detail Oriented
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Report Building Skills
  • Effective Communicator
  • Customer Service
  • Organizational and Planning Skills


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (or equivalent work experience)
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, especially Excel