Marketing Specialist

Location: Omaha NE 
Division/Department: Sales
EEO Classification: First/Mid Offs & Mgrs.
Position Status: Full Time 
Salary Grade: $50,000 - $65,000
FLSA Classification: Exempt- exempt from overtime


The Marketing Specialist will be responsible for increasing general awareness of Outlook throughout the Omaha Metro Area, especially amongst individuals who are blind or low vision, potential community partners and donors.  This position will also provide marketing support for sales of tissue, towels, and chemicals manufactured by Outlook.  This position will report to Outlook’s Director of Business Development.


Community Outreach

  • Collaborate with recruiting leaders, hiring managers, and Outlook’s Programs Director to develop and implement strategies that raise awareness for employment opportunities and services offered by Outlook, especially amongst people who are blind or low vision
  • Collaborate with Outlook’s Fund Development Director to develop and implement strategies that raise awareness about Outlook and generate interest among potential donors and partners
  • Represent Outlook at appropriate community events and job fairs

Content Creation and Management

  • Create engaging and accessible marketing materials, including brochures, social media content, videos, and website updates
  • Build and maintain relationships with external PR, Marketing, and website partners to assist in creating engaging content, broaden the reach and impact of our content, and ensure timely and relevant updates to our website

Market Research

  • Remain current on marketing trends and best practices to ensure Outlook’s marketing efforts are relevant and impactful


  • Creativity/innovation - Open to new ideas and innovation. And willing to question the status quo and implement new processes when necessary.
  • Customer Focus - Puts the experience of the customer first above everything else by meeting the customer’s needs across the different stages they go through throughout the sales and delivery process.
  • Forward Thinking - The ability to anticipate the implications and consequences of situations and take appropriate action to be prepared for possible contingencies.
  • Interpersonal Communications/Relationships - Ability to identify, understand, and anticipate the emotions, concerns and thoughts of others. Promotes a friendly climate by maintaining cooperation, pride, trust, and team spirit. Reflects a positive attitude, promotes teamwork, speaks positively about others, and treats others with respect.
  • Planning and Organization - Ability to establish a process for activities that lead to the implementation of systems, procedures or outcomes.
  • Resourcefulness - Ability to get things done in the face of obstacles and constraints by identifying what’s in front of one and optimizing available means.
  • Persuasive Communication - Ability to plan and deliver oral and written communications that make an impact and persuade intended audiences.


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or related field (or equivalent work experience)
  • Strong understanding of content marketing principles and techniques
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills