Machine Operator

Position Title: Machine Operator 

Location: Omaha NE
Division/Department: Converting
EEO Classification: Operatives
Position Status: Full Time  
Salary Grade: $18.50 - $20.50
FLSA Classification: Non-Exempt – receives overtime

Summary of Position:
This position requires the operation of a variety of machines including but not limited to Re-Winders, Core Machines, Dust collection system, and log saws.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (Other duties may be assigned). 

Machine Operator

  •  Bretting Multi-fold - Essential – 50% efficiency
  • 7.1 - Essential – 2 Ply 80/550 – 49% efficiency
  • 7.1 Essential – 1 Ply 80/1200    - 50% efficiency
  • Amica – Two product mixes JRT and HWT
    • JRT 1000ft/9 inch - Essential – 27% efficiency
    • HWT 800ft – Essential – 25% efficiency  
  • Able to assist other shifts to maintain development and production goals
  • Able to run 7.1, Amica, 702G or Bretting Multi-Fold for daily operations
  • Able to perform inspections of machine and moving parts
  • Able to load parent rolls into the machine
  • Able to physically climb through the machine safely for startup operations
  • Able to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Must possess basic math and reading skills
  • Able to provide written detailed documentation of product specification reporting
  • Meet the daily team goals based upon information provided by the converting facilitator
  • Ensures all products meet the Outlook Nebraska quality standards through constant checks and written recordings
  • Ensures all of the necessary information is communicated to other team members
  • Participates in training meetings as needed for safety, quality, or other needs
  • Performs other duties as assigned
  • Able to assist other shifts on short notice in order to maintain production demands


  • Bretting Multi-fold - Advanced – 70% efficiency     
  • 7.1 - Advanced – 2 Ply 80/550 – 66% efficiency. 
  • 7.1 Advanced – 1 Ply 80/1200 – 63% efficiency
  • Amica – Two product mixes JRT and HW
    • JRT 1000ft/9 inch - Advanced – 35% efficiency
    • HWT 800ft - Advanced – 35% efficiency
  • Able to monitor and set up core machine, auto feed hoppers, manual hoppers, and log saw
  • Able to perform minor machine maintenance as necessary or directed
  • Able to adjust all aspects of the machine to correct quality or running ability of the machine. To include log saw, accumulator, perforation blades, ply-bonders, back stands, emboss, core machine and any other areas of the re-winder. 
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Core Competencies 

  • Decision-making – Ability of thinking through a process and arriving to a consensus, either by one’s self or collaborating with others, and following through with that action.
  • Dependability/Reliability – Maintains punctuality enabling the successful performance of job-related tasks. 
  • Detail oriented - verifies important details, ensures there are no surprises or gaps in needed information
  • Flexibility - openness to different and new ways of doing things; willingness to modify one's preferred way of performing tasks.
  • Forward Thinking - the ability to anticipate the implications and consequences of situations and take appropriate action to be prepared for possible contingencies. 
  • Honesty/integrity - Displays behavior that is ethical and honest serving  as a role model for others and perform actions that demonstrate their values.
  • Personal accountability - Assumes personal accountability for general work duties, achieving goals, meeting deadlines, and fulfills commitments to all team members. Accepts responsibility for both good and bad performance and behavior and applies constructive feedback to improve.
  • Personal Motivation - sets personal goals which are challenging but achievable. Pursues these with energy, persistence and determination. Enthusiastic and committed to improving personal performance levels.
  • Problem Solving - Takes proactive approaches to address challenging issues whenever they emerge. empowers others to seek information that improves their ability to develop and assess a variety of potential solutions to resolve challenges.
  • Quality - Monitors own work to ensure quality.  Meets productivity standards while completing assigned duties in a timely manner. 
  • Teamwork - actively participates in team. Encourages co-operation. Aware of needs of others and responds flexibly. Shares information and supports team members. 
  • Thoroughness - ensuring that one's own work and information is complete and accurate.

Required Education – Experience

  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Proficient in MS Office products
  • ​​​​​​​Must possess interpersonal relationship skills in working with a diverse group