Inventory Associate (Forklift Operator)

Job Description

Position Title: Inventory Associate (Forklift Operator)
Location: Omaha NE     
Division/Department: Logistics
EEO Classification: Operatives
Position Status: Full Time  
Salary Grade: $16.00 - $21.00
FLSA Classification: Non Exempt- receives overtime

Summary of Position:
Operate industrial trucks or tractors equipped to move materials around a warehouse, factory, or similar location. Periodically operates man lift/scissors lift. 


•    Manually or mechanically load or unload materials from pallets, skids, platforms, cars, lifting devices, or other transport vehicles. 
•    Performs the operation of the shrink wrap machine.
•    Assembles orders onto pallets for finished warehousing and shipping.
•    Coordinates with logistics facilitator to ensure effectiveness of all shipping and receiving tasks.
•    Must have a basic understanding of products and processes used to produce tissue products.
•    Ensures all products meet the Outlook Nebraska quality standards.

Core Competencies

•    Decision Making – Ability of thinking through a process and arriving to a consensus, either by one’s self  or collaborating with others, and following through with that action.
•    Dependability/Reliability – Maintains punctuality enabling the successful performance of job-related tasks. 
•    Forward Thinking - The ability to anticipate the implications and consequences of situations and take appropriate action to be prepared for possible contingencies. 
•    Honesty/integrity - Displays behavior that is ethical and honest serving  as a role model for others and perform actions that demonstrate their values.
•    Initiative – Does more than is required or expected in the job; performs work that has not been directed, Plans ahead for upcoming problems or opportunities and takes appropriate action.
•    Personal Accountability - Assumes personal accountability for general work duties, achieving goals, meeting deadlines, and fulfills commitments to all team members. Accepts responsibility for both good and bad performance and behavior and applies constructive feedback to improve.