Job Description

Position Title: Controller
Location: Omaha NE     
Division/Department: Accounting
EEO Classification: First/Mid Offs & Mgrs.
Position Status: Full Time  
Salary Grade: $71,614 – $122,400
FLSA Classification: Exempt- exempt from overtime

Summary of Position:
The Controller is responsible for the integrity of the accounting and financial reporting processes of the Outlook family of entities (Company). The manager oversees the accounting department and maintains an organizational structure adequate for achieving the department and Company goals and objectives.
This manager plays an integral role in supporting the mission of the organization by being an active participant in the overall development of Outlook associates that report to this position. The manager consults with the Human Resources Department regarding the selection of staff development programs; establishes learning objectives and goals; mentors; coaches; and assesses the impact. The manager in this position is also responsible to maintain professional and personal development of one’s self by attending educational workshops; participating in leadership training, reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks in and outside of the company.


•    Responsible for the accounting process and the development and implementation of required procedures and internal controls to ensure the timely and proper recording of transactions and the safeguard of Company assets. 
•    Manages accounting department and relies upon accountants that report directly to this position for the supervision, oversight, and completion of the day-to-day transactional activity.
•    Oversees the process of monthly trial balance reconciliations and relies upon accountants that report directly to this position for the monthly reconciliation of trial balance accounts.
•    Responsible for the timely preparation of entity level and consolidated quarterly financial statements.
•    Responsible for the scheduling and completion of the annual audit.
•    Responsible for the filing of monthly, quarterly, and annual federal, state, and local income and information returns
•    Responsible for the process and preparation of the annual budget for submission to the Chief Financial Officer. 
•    Responsible for the accurate and timely filing of financial related external reports including tax authorities and AbilityOne.
•    Prepare special financial reports for other departments and entities.
•    Establish and maintain archives to include legal documents, loan documents and other permanent records.
•    Ensure the completion of annual evaluations and professional development goals for all accounting associates.
•    Collaborate with leaders in each entity of the Company to ensure the effective and efficient execution of the one-year operating plan.
•    Responsible for the development of department annual goals and implementation of the required steps to attain.

Core Competencies

•    Accountability and continuous improvement - Ability to make timely and effective decisions and produce results through strategic planning and the implementation and evaluation of programs and policies.
•    Business Acumen - The ability to understand and apply information to contribute to the organization's strategic plan. Has a strong understanding of the strategic relationship between HR and the core business functions. This understanding, combined with an understanding of the overall business environment and the various levers that affect the organization's success.
•    Coaching & Development - Ability to work to improve and reinforce performance of others. Takes responsibility for one’s direct reports’ performance by setting clear goals and expectations by providing constructive feedback.
•    Communicating and Building Coalitions - Able to explain and advocate facts and ideas in a convincing manner while communicating and negotiating with individuals and groups.
•    Consultation - The ability to provide guidance to organizational stakeholders. Applies creative problem-solving to address business challenges and invite others to approach them with career and organizational concerns.
•    Critical Evaluation - The ability to interpret information to make business decisions and recommendations. Has developed the objectivity and critical-thinking skills that allow one to make sound judgments based on keen analysis, best practices and an understanding of preferred outcomes. 
•    Delegation - Ability to align people to accomplish goals by capitalizing on the expertise of others, rapidly able to accomplish goals by assigning tasks effectively by recognizing the strengths of others.
•    Detail Oriented - Verifies important details, ensures there are no surprises or gaps in needed information.
•    Ethical Practice - The ability to integrate core values, integrity and accountability throughout all organizational and business practices. Has the ability to developed trusting relationships and is seen as credible because of one’s judgment relating to confidentiality, consistently ethical behavior and ability to hold to a core set of values while making decisions under political and social pressures.
•    Honesty/integrity - Displays behavior that is ethical and honest serving as a role model for others and perform actions that demonstrate their values.
•    Interpersonal Communications/Relationships - Ability to identify, understand, and anticipate the emotions, concerns and thoughts of others. Promotes a friendly climate by maintaining cooperation, pride, trust, and team spirit. Reflects a positive attitude, promotes teamwork, speaks positively about others, and treats others with respect.
•    Leadership and Navigation - The ability to direct and contribute to initiatives and processes within the organization. Builds a collaborative environment where solutions are generated while conforming to organizational culture. Builds consensus while making progress toward change.
•    Maintain Confidentiality - Respects the confidentiality of information or concerns shared by others.
•    Planning and Organization - Ability to establish a process for activities that lead to the implementation of systems, procedures or outcomes.
•    Resourcefulness - Ability to get things done in the face of obstacles and constraints by identifying what’s in front of one and optimizing available means.
•    Results Driven - Meets or exceed specific goals and objectives focusing on results, not the process, and leverages resources and solves problems creatively to get the job done.
•    Self Confidence - Has faith in one’s own ideas and has the capability to be successful; willingness to take an independent position in the face of opposition.
•    Thoroughness - Ensuring that one's own work and information is complete and accurate.

Required Education - Experience

•    Bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in accounting
•    Seven plus years of accounting experience
•    Knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
•    Knowledge and experience with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.
•    Knowledge of federal and state financial related regulations.
•    Proficient with Microsoft Excel including use of pivot tables, formulas / functions
•    Working knowledge of other MS Office products (Word, Outlook, etc.)