Our Mission

To positively impact everyone who is blind or visually impaired.

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Outlook Nebraska produces and sells quality, sustainable janitorial paper products for government, commercial and industrial use. Our SKILCRAFT® line is available through all approved AbilityOne outlets. The SKILCRAFT® brand provides excellent quality and value for our Federal customers while creating much needed jobs for blind Americans.

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AbilityOne: Supporting Your Mission

Empowering Americans Who Are Blind or Have Significant Disabilities

Purchasing SKILCRAFT® and other AbilityOne™ Program products and service fulfills the mandatory source provisions of the Javits-Wagner-O’Day Act and federal acquisition regulations (FAR 8.7, 52.208-9, and DFARS PGI 208). But the purchase does more than provide quality solutions to carry out your agency’s mission or
contractual obligations – it helps more than 45,000 people who are blind or have significant disabilities build rewarding careers and live more independently.

Federal contracts that have incorporated FAR 52.208-9 Contractor use of mandatory source of supplies or services require the use of AbilityOne Procurement List products in the performance of the contract.

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